Rama represents an ideal man, in the epic Ramayana which depicts him as the perfect son, devoted brother, true husband, trusted friend, ideal king and a noble adversary. And is an incarnation of Vishnu who came to save the rishis (sages) from the evils done by asuras (demons). He is usually shown carrying a bow and arrow that show Rama is always ready to destroy evil and protect righteousness. He is an embodiment of Dharma. Rama is depicted with his Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman, who represent the virtues of the ideal wife/ woman, brother and devotee, respectively.

Jagmag Jagmag Jyot Jali Hai!
Ram Aarti Hon Lagi Hai!!
Bhakti Ka Dipak Prem Ki Baati!
Aarti Sant Kare Din Raati!!
Anand Ki Sarita Ubhari Hai!
Jagmag Jagmag Jyot Jali Hai!
Kanak Singhaasan Siya Sameta!
Baithahi Ram Hoi Chit Cheta!!
Vaam Bhag Mein Janak Lali Hai!
Jagmag Jagamag Jyot Jali Hai!!
Aarti Hanumat Ke Man Bhave!
Rama Katha Nit Shankar Gaave!!
Santo Ki Ye Bheed Lagi Hai!
Jagmag Jagamag Jyot Jali Hai!!


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